>The Democratic primary is today in New York. I am relieved. There's not one candidate that I am actually interested in supporting, but at least the junk mail will stop. For the last six weeks, my mailbox filled with campaign flyers. Between Husband and me, we received 12 to 15 pieces of candidate crap every day.

Then again, at least these candidates are not insane. When I received my voter's guide from the New York City Campaign Finance Board (my second employer after college!), one of the mayoral hopefuls submitted the following answers to the Q&A:

1. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE IN THE CITY YOU WOULD ADDRESS IF ELECTED? RENT Is Too Damn High there is nothing else to talk about. All poor people are being ran out of New York.

2. WHAT OTHER IMPORTANT ISSUES WOULD YOU ADDRESS IF ELECTED? RENT is Too Damn High there is nothing else to talk about.

3. WHAT MAKES YOU THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THIS OFFICE? I am a Rent Activist with real solutions to the High Rent Crisis that is driving out of this City. That is what makes me the best candidate for this job.

Rent is too damn high for most New Yorkers, but maybe this is not someone who really should be in charge of anything. He's not the first "single-issue" candidate to run for mayor in New York City, either. In the 1997, I sat through a debate in which one of the mayoral candidates proposed clearing out the South Bronx and building a new Disney World location. He felt that it was critical to do so to increase tourism. Uh huh.

I'm off to the polls. As Husband likes to say at moments like this, vaya con pollos.