>An article in today's New York Times about a guy killed while protesting abortion outside a high school* (um, because high schools are places where abortions run rampant, I guess? WTF?) gave me pause. The author referred to the protester as "anti-abortion." When it quoted people who oppose legal abortion, it used the phrase "pro-life" (after all, it was a quote), but it did not use that language when reporting. This is a HUGE step in the right direction.

I'm sorry the dude is dead, as no one deserves to be shot in a drive-by, but I admit that I laughed when I read the following description of him, as provided by an anti-choice nutter:

He was just a quiet, unassuming, very committed pro-life activist...

People who stand outside high schools, Planned Parenthood offices, and abortion clinics with ginormous, misleading photos of bloody "fetuses" are neither quiet nor unassuming, unless my understanding of those words is wrong. Let's see... Merriam-Webster defines quiet as:

1 a : marked by little or no motion or activity : calm (a quiet sea) b : gentle, easygoing (a quiet temperament) c : not interfered with (quiet reading) d : enjoyed in peace and relaxation (a quiet cup of tea)
2 a : free from noise or uproar : still b : unobtrusive, conservative (quiet clothes)
3 : secluded (a quiet nook)

I suppose he could have been sitting with his loud, disruptive signs amongst a throngs of students and school staff without moving. That would qualify as quiet, then.

How about unassuming? Merriam-Webster defines that as: "not assuming : modest." If imposing one's moral values and beliefs on others is not assuming or modest, then I guess that is an accurate description of the protester, too. Otherwise, not so much.

*Incidentally, there is no evidence that the protester was killed for his opposition to abortion. The killer also shot another person who has nothing to do with abortion, and planned to murder a third but was caught first. I just want to make it clear that there is still no killing on record, ever, of an anti-choice person for his or her views. I wish I could say the same for how the supposedly "pro-life" side treats us. In 2008, over 230 physical acts of violence have been committed by individuals espousing to love and respect life.