>The renovations are officially done. With the exception of the washer-dryer, which is maybe the greatest thing ever introduced to my living quarters, I would not consider the work done to be a home improvement. Sure, things look nicer (except for our furniture, which looks worse than ever due to the move to storage and back). Rather than improving my life, however, the renovation created enormous new messes for me to clean.

Anyone needing a laugh should check out my friend's new blog, Awkward Ice Cream Social. It's "Satire with hot fudge and extra sprinkles." Yum.

For the rest of the day, I shall mentally curl up in the fetal position and rock back and forth. Tomorrow hopefully will be an exciting day. Jeffrey Zaslow's Wall Street Journal article following up on my classmates and I and our attitudes about body image and dieting will be out. A photographer came yesterday to take my picture. (I asked him not to use any that made me look like a douche. None of his other WSJ subjects have ever made such a request.) The paper is running then and now shots, so my nerdy 4th grade visage will be run next to my nerdy current image. The whole thing almost makes me giddy enough to forget all the white paint flakes that are trailing from the bathroom into the rest of the apartment.