>My, how things change and remain the same in 23 years. When Jeffrey Zaslow came to interview girls in my school in 1986, who knew he would go on to co-author the zillion copy seller The Last Lecture and then The Girls from Ames? Who knew that I'd go on to, uh, blogging and authoring non-best selling books about unusual things to see and do in New York City? (Hell, who knew that there'd be blogging?) Who knew that the pressure on girls to look thin would go from bad to worse?

A few weeks ago, I re-read the 1986 article about girls and dieting while I was working my thesis.* I thought, damn, everyone in the story is on Facebook. It would be so interesting to follow up on it. On a whim, I emailed Zaslow and suggested it. He agreed.

The follow up article is up at Wall Street Journal. (Although the article does not mention it, I cackled after I made my comment about models.) The online edition doesn't have pictures, so I'll be curious if the print version does.

*To be scanned and posted on CUSS.