>School starts in less than four weeks. My lofty plans for summer are
about one percent accomplished. I polished up four stories and
started a fourth, but that is not going to get me through the semester
if I wind up with a full time job. Gah!

This week, against my better judgment, I took a consulting job in my
old field. I fear being sucked back into old issues that are never
resolved, but these damn renovations are not paying for themselves,
that's for sure, and the project has a very concrete end date. So
far, though, my one day on the job was nice. Since I quit my job in
May, I've missed the comraderie of colleagues.

I also have an interview this afternoon. Any job prospect excites me,
but also reminds me how little I got done over the last three months.
Actually, I tend to get more done when my time is constrained because
it forces me to focus. Still, I don't know where time has gone. An
age old lament...

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