>My days of cheerful optimism are behind me now, as none of the six interviews I have had turned into a job. (To be fair, I didn't yet get a rejection from two opportunities, and in theory I have another interview coming up, although they have yet to confirm a date, which is really the cause of my despair cloud.) Husband is stressed about work this week, which makes me feel worse. Plus, I have writer's block, so I'm not using my free time as productively as possible.

At least I can read this email and laugh my ass off:

On this, a day in one of the worst summers in decades, and in the worst economy in decades, let's take a moment to remember how much we fucking hate George Bush. Don't forget. Don't let it go. It's soothing. While you are counting pennies, he is counting skeet at his "ranch."

Did you know that the first day he walked in to his family ranch was the day after he was inaugurated? I haven't forgot. Did you know his ranch is state-of-the-art and 10,000 square feet? Do not forget why we are all jobless and fucked. Did you know that Crawford didn't exist before his Neo-con men created it?

So while it is depressing, know that now is the perfect time to spend what little money you have left on cheap, subversive comedy! We have a bar, so you can drink your problems away while laughing at nonsense. You can't afford drugs, so fuck it. See you at The Annoyance.

-Mick Napier, Artistic Director

The Annoyance is the producer of my all-time favorite musical, Co-Ed Prison Sluts. Singing along to "Shit Motherfucker" is always fun. (Chorus yrics: Shit/motherfucker/fuck you, you cunt or a prick/blow job/suck my dick.) It's nice to have something to chuckle over when your career is in the toilet (and not the nice new one with the smiley face on the underside of the lid).