>Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get free photo editing software? I want to post a picture I found of Husband and I from the summer of 1996 or 1997, but he doesn't want his face appearing on CUSS, so I have to find a way to draw a mustache on him or something. The picture is a nice example of how much more of us there used to be to love, so I want to post it.

In other news, we had a friendly toilet installed today:

It has quite the power flush, which is very important around here. Unfortunately, it also is gurgling and won't stop. I'll miss our old deranged toilet seat, but the floor looks a million times nicer:

The contractor told me that they used 700 pounds of concrete to even out the underlying floor and walls in the bathroom. The bathroom is maybe 60 square feet, so that's impressive.

Either the dust or the unhealthy food I consumed today (ate six Oreos for breakfast and two scones for lunch) is giving me a headache and stomach ache. Seriously, I think my parents got it right when they decided to forgo home improvements and just let their house slowly deteriorate around them.