After consuming an enormous anniversary breakfast at Ann Sather
Restaurant (I ate: a Swedish pancake, Swedish meatball, Swedish potato
sausage, what was supposed to be one egg but was at least two, a
cinnamon roll with extra icing, and a fruit salad, all for less than
$10!), Husband and I wandered around the neighborhood. Our plan was
to walk to Lincoln Park Zoo and rent a paddled boat (not a sea monster
one, though), but that was foiled by construction on the zoo's lagoon.
Before we knew that, we stopped at an army navy store, where I got
two pairs of shoes for 75% off, and a vintage clothes store where
Husband snagged a white tux jacket and ruffle-y shirt.

As we carried our goodies up Clark Street, we noticed a shop across
the street with a sign that read "The Meatloaf Bakery.". We were
compelled to investigate. Turns out it is an eatery where different
types of meatloaf (beef, lentil, etc.) are baked to look like cupcakes
(with mashed potatoes as frosting) and other pastries. I don't think
it was only because we were so full that we wanted to puke. Husband
wondered what diabolical mind would come up with such a disgusting and
evil concept, although I am oddly tempted to some day set foot into
the store and test if the reality is as foul as it sounds.

Updated July 3

You need a picture to understand why this grosses me out:

Meatloaf of various kinds are yummy. Cupcakes are yummy. Meatloaf that looks like a cupcake is creepy because you think you are about to eat a cupcake, but it is really meatloaf. Mind fuck!

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