>My friend Jennifer is a multi-talented performer who just moved to New York from San Francisco. I went to see her tonight in a stand-up comedy show, where I thought she was clearly the best comedian until a guy got up and found my Achilles heel.

"When you were in high school, all you wanted was dick, right?" he asked me.

"Uh, no," I said.

"Really? Are you a lesbian?"

(Heaving big internal sigh.) "No, but everyone thinks I am."

"It's the short hair cut," he said, then paused. "Actually, you look a lot like Jane Wiedlin. You got that pixie thing going on."

Swoooooooon. I don't care that he was not nearly as funny as Jennifer. From then on, whatever he said, I laughed. Hard and loud. I wished I wore makeup. I am such a sucker.

My Celebrity Lookalike and Me
Jane Wiedlin Suzanne