>Although the apartment is full of dust, the bathroom lacks tiles on
the floor and wall, and there are boxes everywhere, a friend slept
over last night. (At least the carpet beetles are gone.) After she
and Husband headed to their respective meetings, I transported Tycho
to his bungalow colony (i.e. - boarding at the vet). When I arrived
home covered in sweat and rabbit fur, the plumber already removed the
bathroom sink, and five guys were unloading packages of cement mix.

Now I'm waiting for a follow up eye doctor appointment, which is the
fifth I've had in six months. (My left eye became blurry, although
only when wearing contacts. It took three tries to figure out that
the lack of clear vision was due to a weak prescription.). After that,
I meet up with Shonda, a blog friend from Oklahoma. I don't know that
I've ever spent time with someone from OK. Regardless of state, I am
psyched to meet her in person.

In the evening, Husband and I are heading to Chicago. We'll spend our
anniversary tomorrow downtown, then head to my parents' house for
family craziness. This will nbe my nephew's first trip to Grandma and
Grandpa's house. Plus, Husband's parents are taking a holiday to meet
Marcus, and it is my granny's 87th birthday. Whew!

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