>The bus loaded up at 11:45, and as we pulled out of the station, the
driver introduced herself and reviewed the rules. Turns out that
Jennifer is hilarious. Some bons mots:

"There is no smoking on this bus. If you smoke in the lavatory, I
will smell it and do what is legally required and remove you from this
coach. If you must smoke in the lavatory, I suggest you bring a
friend. That way you'll have someone to talk to while you stand on
the side of the road."

"I'll try to keep the temperature at a happy medium. If you are cols,
snuggle up to the person next to you. If you are hot, take off an
item. However, do both within reason, and absolutely not at the same

"I'm what's known as a rock 'n' roll bus driver - I roll down the
road and rock you to sleep. Introduce yourself to your neighbor now
because it's always good to know the name of the person you sleep

I like her. She'll be a good guide through Aurora, IL, DeKab, I'll,
Moline, I'll, and Davenport, IA before she gets me to my sister in
Iowa City in the next 5 hours, 20 minutes. And the guy behing me is
already snoring away!

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