>Walcott, IA boasts what they claim is the World's Largest Truck Stop.*
This gem was the 5th stop on my Greyhound adventure!

"You can have as much time as you like on this meal stop," Jennifer
informed us. "But I will be leaving here in 25 minutes."

If weather permitted (see note below), I would have used my time to
run across the compound and see the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum. Alas, I
made do with searching for the women's restroom in the Arby's/gas
station convenience store. This should have been simple, but when I
followed the sign with the arrow that said "Restrooms," I got lost in
a maze of the men's room, laundry rooms, and shower rooms. A ten year
old girl wandered around with me for a few minutes, then she
remembered from a previous visit that the ladies' room was in the
opposite corner.

Anyway, I discovered that I can read on moving buses, so between
Davenport and Walcott I read what I decided was my first YA novel.
While looking over some papers on Sunday night, I found a spiral
notebook with "Always" written on the cover. It seems to be about a
boy who moves into what in reality is my parents' house and befriends
an amazing girl down the street. Her name is Suzannah Rawlings, and
she bears a suspicious resemblance to me when I was in 8th grade. Her
best friend is a freshman at another local high school named Rachel,
and her sister's name is Diana. She wants to go to Northwestern or U
of Chicago, and be a politician when she grows up, so she can "help
people.". It is god awful for the most part, but not too shabby for a
13 or 14 year old. A quick look ahead reveals that it ends in
tragedy. Typical of me.

Anyway, the next stop (although Jennifer is late!) is Iowa City, where
Diana - er, I mean Dana - and Marcus will scoop me up. I'm still
pissed that I didn't consider checking the price of flights, as I
would have been with them for the last few hours instead of on a bus,
but at least I found interestimg things to see along the way.

*i think that South of the Border, in SC along 95, is larger, but the
pouring rain and my lack of an umbrella prevented me from exploring
the compound, so I'm not sure.

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