>"This is Moline. Finally!" Jennifer announced as we pulled into the
bus station. It is next to John Deere Plaza, which seems to house a
John Deere Museum. (I saw a gargantuan tractor through a window in a
glass building at the end of the plaza. More monster trucks were
parked outside.)

Moline is the HQ for John Deere, I assume. It is also one-fourth of
the Quad Cities. (The other three are
Rock-something-or-other-i-forget,IL; Davenport, IA; and Bettendorf,
IA.). The downtown area seemed cute.

It was a quick leap over the Mississippi from Moline. Here, the
mighty river is about as wide as the Hudson River between NY and NJ.
Whatever town we entered (I think Davenport)on the other side reminded
me of the area around my parents' house. Grand mansions and Victorian
houses with extra green front lawns lined the road.

We passed a quaint shopping area before hitting bustling downtown
Davenport. The bus terminal, which is next door to the modern-looking
Figge Art Museum (built of opaque glass) actually had a busy waiting

"I hate detours," Jennifer muttered as she opened the door. She
raised her voice. "In about 20 minutes, we'll stop for food."

I'm guessing this is the truck stop Dana told me about. I definitely
couls use a bathroom. I tried not to imbibe too much, but
accidentally bought a liter of Diet Coke (a diuretic) instead of a 20
oz. bottle back in Chicago. I drank 9/10th of it by the time we
arrived in the second half of the Quad Cities. Ooops.

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