>Too many bad things happened lately. I'm still displeased with how Congress favors lobbyists over the general welfare of the nation, distraught over the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, and enraged that Cheney is working overtime to undermine Obama.* Plus, I need a job. Worse, last Wednesday, my nephew wound up in the hospital with a distended stomach, and he's still there. Very, very upsetting.

Fortunately, things are starting to look up a bit. The most important is that Marcus is doing much, much better. On Sunday, the doctors finally came up with a diagnosis for him: necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). While NEC is awful and scary, it also is curable, and his treatment is going very well. I spoke to my sister yesterday, and she said that Marcus is very alert and responsive, and also that he slept well the prior night for the first time in days, and thus was less fussy in general. I'm relieved, and looking forward to his return home.

Last night I presented a lecture at Adult Education, and it went smashingly. I had fun talking, the audience was wonderful, and the other speakers were great. I really love public speaking, especially when it is about something fun like taking a subway road trip. My brother-in-law was kind enough to video tape it (my new publisher, Turner Publications, which bought my book when my original publisher closed shop, asked if I could record the talk for marketing purposes), so I'll post it on CUSS when he has a chance to upload it. But, man, I just felt fabulous last night.

My third ray of sunshine is on the job front. In an hour, I have a phone interview for a position which I think will be very interesting. My fingers are crossed that the good vibe I had from last night will come through this morning.

Tomorrow, my friend Dr. P begins her visit with me. She got a job in Long Island, and is moving back up here from Florida this summer. Just thinking about her triumphant return to the New York area puts a big smile on my little face.