>While in Baltimore on Saturday, I encountered two different types of prehistoric creatures:

These (human-propelled) sea monsters patrolled the waters of the harbor. Since I am very interested in sea monsters, I found them fascinating. I hope that we can try one out ourselves next time we go to Baltimore. (Note that maps of the harbor are inaccurate these days, as none seem to include the sea monsters that reside there.)

At the aquarium, my friend (who works there) let me play with this hissing cockroach before she took it out to the general area and let other kids touch with it. Undoubtedly, if I saw a giant hissing cockroach in my apartment, I would scream, not let it on my hand, and certainly not pet it. As I look at this picture, I want to puke. But I swear at the time it was sort of cute.

I wish they had sea monsters of the non-roach variety at the aquarium!