>A week or two before my wedding, I visited the Clinique counter at
Marshall Field's in Old Orchard Mall. Although I never wore make-up,
my friends were horrified by my plan to attend my own wedding au
natural, and insisted that I needed to obtain some sort of lip color
for the event at the least. The saleswoman listened to my plight and
suggested that I might like the Chubby Stick, which was essentially a
lipstick crayon. I bought two shades.

After my weding, I returned to my unfeminine ways and rarely used
either Chubby Stick. As I approach my nine year wedding anniversary
(July 2), I still had both. I put one on last week, only to discover
a strange chemical taste on my lips. For once, I exercised good
judgement and threw them out, even though there was a lot left and I
hate waste.

The lipstick outlasted Marshall Field's (taken over by Macy's, and
boycotted by all quality Chiagoans), but happily, not my marriage.
I'll consider wearing a new lipstick when we celebrate with Giordano's
and Ann Sather and the Taste of Chicago on Thursday.

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