>After applying for another job, then puttering around the apartment, I
decided to take the ecam to become a licensed tour guide. I filled
out the paperwork some time last year, but never got around to
submitting my application. If I get a job soon (fingers crossed), who
knows when my next chance will be to sit around the NYC Dept. of
Consumer Affairs for hours on end? No time like the present and all

The 150 multiple choice question test took me over an hour to
complete. I was asked everything from which subway goes to Times
Square to when slavery was abolished in New York to how the Satmyrs
feel about Israel to how to get a tour bus from the Waldorf-astoria
hotel to the Cloisters. Some questions presented a non-numeric list
of attractions and asked me to identify which were in a specific
geographic area, but the answers were numeric (like 1,2,7,10,15) - the
list of places was supposed to correspond to a number. Of course, the
testing room was negative seven degrees.

I needed to get 97 answer right to pass, and if I got 120 correct, my
name would appear on the official tour guide list with a star next to
it. I coveted the star. As per my usual performance on exams, I did
well - but not good enough to achieve the highest ranking. My score
was 118. Frustrating, but still exciting because now I can offer Off
the Beaten (Subway) Track tours. Yay!

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