>Two days ago, I discovered a package in the mail from my pal Mara, who has the good fortune to live in London. She sent me a tea towel* from Emma Bridgewater:

When I showed it to Husband at night, he made his squinty eye, pursed lips face. It was very cute. The next day, he sent her an email objecting to her gift:

Thank you for the thoughtful gift of a dish towel, but I am afraid we cannot accept it. Although Daniel Craig brilliantly portrays militant Jews in motion pictures (three times by last count), he has insufficient acting credentials to be worthy of a prominent place in our home. While it pains me to reject high quality household goods from Europe, I cannot see how I can put anything in my kitchen that references an actor whose principal roles included casting in such notable films as "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" and "The Golden Compass". Rest assured, we would proudly display a towel if made reference to one of Mr. Craig's more respectable British peers, such as Robbie Coltrane or Robert Carlyle. Thanks again, but please be considerate of good taste when purchasing presents for us in the future.

What's truly hilarious is I had a really nice dream that night about... Matt Damon. Man, I just love him from the Bourne series. Then, yesterday, I was flipping through the channels while I waited for Husband to get home from work. Casino Royale was on USA! O, be still my beating heart!

Of course, when you are lucky to have a husband as witty as mine, who needs Matt Damon or Daniel Craig?

*If anyone knows what that is, please let me know - I use it to wipe my hands in the kitchen, which seems to work well.