>At the end of last year, I found and rescued an abandoned pirate near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco:

This was before the whole incident with the pirates kidnapping the American ship captain, of course, but my pirate doesn't seem to exhibit any such hostilities. He just guards the treasures (paperclips, tape, scissors, etc.) I keep on my desk.

Then, in March, I found and rescued a wood fish in Carroll Gardens, where my friend lives in Brooklyn:

Yesterday, I found Jesus! OK, I found a wood tile Jesus and saints wood tile bracelet (like the one below, but a little different - my icons are blurrier, which made it impossible to photograph) on the sidewalk just a few doors down from my apartment:

Once I spotted it, I dove and snapped it up, not that any one else was in the area competing with me for it. I have coveted a bracelet like this for a long time. I think it is cool, but Husband would not be pleased if I spent his hard earned cash (or my own, for that matter) on such a Christian item. I am very excited to wear it about town. I hope that it is a sign that good luck is coming my way.