>Iowa City may be a college town, but people here are very friendly.
While here, I walked to the local Hy-Vee grocery store twice. On
Saturday night, I passed two people out walking dogs, and both said
hello. Monday afternoon, I took a park pathway, and several bikers
greeted me as they whizzed by me.

I should not have been surprised, then, at how helpful the store
employees were. During my Sunday grocery run, the extremely hot
manager (who I noticed on Sat. night - tall, fit, dark hair) took me
from aisle 4 to aisle 3 when I asked him where the chili powder was
kept. On Monday, the cheerful boy stocking sundried led me an aisle
over when I sought Band-Aids and Neosporin.

In New York, I'm lucky if the people who work at my local grocery
store can understand my question, let alone personally guide me. All
this friendliness (and easiness on the eyes)comes at a price:
everything here cost more than I pay at my grocery store. That's what
really shocked me.

I'll miss my family and the friendly, attractive service when I go
back tonight, but it will also be nice to sleep in my own bed, buy
homemade organic peanut butter for cheap, and see Husband, although
that won't happen until Friday afternoon, as he is off to Europe for
work. (He was gone all last week, too.). Fortunately, he'll settle
the Daniel Craig tea towel debate with Mara while he's on that side of
the pond. I look forward to hearing about that!

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