>Today's Urban Dictionary word of the day is chai anxiety. I can't say that I meet their definition of chai anxiety (anxiousness caused by too many coffee shop options), but it did seem oddly fitting for me and all the other women in my family. We are definitely people who carry around a lot of anxiety in general, although lately we are justified in feeling extra-anxious.

My nephew Marcus is still in the hospital, recovering from necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). However, he was finally allowed to eat breast milk yesterday, after a ten day course of IV feeding. The process of re-introducing food is slow: his allowance was 1/3 of an ounce every four hours to start. He will be in the hospital until at least Saturday.

My sister and her husband have been amazingly strong throughout the ordeal. Ryan had to return to work this week, so Dana is holding up the fort by herself now. She will go to the NICU every day alone to be with Marcus. My mom and I wanted to be there this week, but she has work and I have an interview tomorrow (and hopefully one or two more before the week is over). I'm flying out on Friday, and staying until Tuesday, June 16. My mom is taking the train on Saturday and staying through the following weekend, when my dad will join her out there. We are all hopeful that Marcus will be home for Father's Day.

It's a long story how my mom came to her Amtrak reservation (she's on the California Zephyr - how awesome is that?!?!), but she's never taken the train before. "Did she spazz out about her luggage?" my sister asked me when I explained the travel arrangements. My sister knows our mom too well - her chai anxiety was sky high when I booked her train ticket. In rapid succession, she asked me whether there was a bathroom on the train, if food was available, and how the luggage is handled, the luggage being a sticking point. I assured her that a porter could help her place her suitcase in the luggage rack. Still, she worried about the luggage.

We could all use a nice cup of tea to calm our chai anxiety.