>According to "Entertainment Weekly," I can now lick Daniel Craig to my
heart's content. It seems that Del Monte is making some sort of
frozen fruit on a stick that is shaped like the buff actor who plays a
lot of Jewish guys in films and James Bond. I am not sure if this
treat is available outside of Britain, but from the 14 seconds of
research I conducted on my BlackBerry while Husband drives us to
Massachusetts, British women voted to render Craig as easily lickable
for the masses. (Another reason I am an Anglophile - such good

Husband was in London on Tuesday, but either did not see the Daniel
Craig-sicle or deigned to purchase a cooler and dry ice to bring one
home for me. (He did buy me a Mars Bar, though, so big kisses for
that.) When I mentioned the Craig-sicle to him, he scrunched up his
face and glared at me through narrowed eyes. (He's so cute!) Un
fortunatelt, he also hates the Jesus bracelet vi found on the sidewalk
outside my apartment last week, and asked me not to wear it in his

Can't win 'em all, I guess.

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