>The new Pixar film Up garnered solid reviews, so when my friend asked if I wanted to catch the flick yesterday, I agreed, even though the theater charged an extra $3 for the fucking 3D glasses. (This is on top of the $1 internet ticket purchase charge, bring the total to $16.50! Man, no free fucking cheesecake here...)

Since every review I read mentioned the four minute silent montage that captures the cycle of a loving marriage made the reviewer cry, I knew that I would cry my eyes out. Two different points turned on my eyeball waterworks, and a third prompted my ducts to get wet. Plus, there were several moments of such hilarious hijinx involving talking dogs, that I practically sobbed with laughter.

All in all, an excellent movie. Perhaps not worth $16.50, but certainly I do not regret shelling out Husband's hard earned cash for it. (He enjoyed it as well, but definitely felt it not worth even the regular $12.50 admission, although he also believes that no movie is worth so much moolah. "Up is going to be a classic," he said. "It was very well constructed.") Although the 3D glasses package specifically says not to wear the glasses as sunglasses (the diagram indicates that a ray from the sun will penetrate one's brain while wearing the glasses), I planned to do so anyway until I realized that all my salt water left spots on the lenses. Foiled again!