>Yesterday I flew to Iowa City to see my sister and meet my new nephew. He's very sweet. We hung around the hospital all day, enjoying the little alien.

This morning, the hospital decided that he was jaundiced, so he had to stay under the infant tanning light. He emerges to be fed, then goes back to the nursery for the UV light. Husband and I thus spent the day buying crap for the new parents and then Husband built it all.

I came to the hospital for Marcus's early evening feeding. He didn't seem to interested in eating, then Dana and I noticed a very baaaad smell. "I think he made a big shit," I said and peeked into his diaper to verify. "Oh yeah.."

My sister and I held Marcus's legs and swabbed his dirty butt while my mom handed us wipes. As I reached out for a new cloth, something wet and warm hit my hand: a yellow arc streamed from Marcus. The piss hit Dana's shoulder. I feel like we passed an important milestone.

(Oh, and tante is Yiddish for aunt, and I decided that I'd like to use mama loshen.)