>Sometimes a topic so ripe for mockery just falls into my bushy lap. Yesterday, I stopped rocking back and forth, uncurled myself from the fetal position, and wrote one of the best posts I've cranked out in a while on BlogHer about a product known as "The Cuchini." God help me...

As part of the post, I decided to run a contest:

Granted, I would not want everyone and their pervert uncles seeing my cooter silhouette, either. Of course, my solution is not to wear absurdly tight short shorts. This also helps avoid the dreaded "crotch rot." (Man, I can't wait until someone invents an anti-crotch rot product. I challenge readers to come up with a name for that, and I promise $10 to the best one. Seriously! Leave a comment with your anti-crotch rot product name...)

I am really excited about this contest! I'm sure we can develop something really exciting, and then we'll be rich!