>Dr. George Tiller has been a hero of mine for years. Despite threats made against against him and his family - including his children and grandchildren - by so-called "pro-life" activists, despite being shot in both arms by someone who claimed to love and respect life, despite having his clinic bombed, despite having his clinic blockaded, he helped women exercise their legal right to a safe abortion. He did so because he wanted to save women, and was one of very few people who was brave enough to stand up to the thugs impose their religious beliefs on other people. Today he was shot and killed - at his church, no less. I probably shouldn't compare him to Jesus because that will really incense some people, but it's true: Dr. Tiller lost his life so that others could go on with theirs. He died for our sins, more or less.

Many of the women he helped were even against legal abortion. They turned to him because they found out that the fetuses (the medically correct term) they carried were not viable, or that they might die or be maimed in birth. They came to him because they had other kids, family members, and friends they wanted to live for. Dr. Tiller treated everyone with kindness and respect, not judging them for their beliefs and decisions. His office was covered with letters from his patients, thanking him and his dedicated, compassionate staff for the excellent medical they provided that nearly no one else would.

I hope that every woman that Dr. Tiller served will stand up for him. I hope that people who buy into the "pro-life" lie will open their eyes to the fallacy of a movement that only respects the unborn and those who agree with their interpretation of religious texts. I hope that people will stand up for the right of women to live by their own religious beliefs and moral values.

When I got dressed today, I didn't know that Dr. Tiller had been murdered by a "human killer." I put on my NARAL "I [Heart] Pro-Choice NY" t-shirt, and I wore it with pride. I'm going to wear it again tomorrow, with a white armband. I hope that you will, too.

RIP, Dr. Tiller. My heart goes out to your family.