>Head hit the pillow a little before midnight. Eyes started to close. Maurice (the hamster who runs on the wheel that powers my brain) perked up and set off on a marathon run of worries and neurotic thoughts. Tossing and turning ensued until I gave up and went into the living room so that my worrying at least did not disrupt Husband's slumber.

Still, I received some good news earlier today. While on my way home from visiting my sister and her new baby, my appeal regarding my apartment fix-up project was approved. The Board apparently stopped smoking crack and realized that ripping up the front window and facade so that construction trash could be removed from the apartment made no sense when I live 16 steps from the front door of the building. We can now finally replace the broken, uneven tile that my super installed in our bathroom in January after he tore up the wall to repair a leak. Yay!

And, in a go for the gold moment, the Board approved our request to add a washer and dryer. Hurray! I feel like I hit the big time now - my very own laundry facility.