>While I sit on a plane 20 feet away from the fucking gate, my friend
Rachel and her daughter waiting to scoop me up, counting the minutes
as they tick away from the two hours I have to see them before my
parents pick me up for the drive to Iowa, I thought I would relate the
interesting incident that occured before we left Newark. A man
arrived at his seat, surprised to find someone in it. Turns out that
the seated guy also had that seat - but for a flight leaving FOUR
HOURS LATER. Not sure how his ticket got scanned for boarding, but
that sure makes me feel secure. At least his later flight was also
for Chicago.

Actually, I was surprised that I was not detained at security. After
my bag went through the xray machine and I stooped to pick it up, I
noticed my new button. It says, "Being a crabby bitch is part of my
charm.". I busted up, apropros of seemingly nothing, looking like a
loon. So maybe the lax security is good.

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