>Last week, I had dinner with a friend, who told me about a picture that he saw on Facebook.

"You are probably the only person in the world that I can mention this to," he said. "It showed a guy with his face between a naked woman's legs. Her shaved 'landing strip' was positioned on his face so that it hit under his nose, making it look like Hitler's mustache."

"Shit, that is fucked up," I replied articulately.

Later that night, he emailed me the picture. He hadn't mentioned that the guy also arranged his hair in a way that also looked like Hitler.

"That is so incredibly evil. Wow. I am both disgusted and impressed," I wrote back. "I'm impressed that someone could be that offensive."

"It is that rare combination, indeed. Can't believe no one has flagged it as offensive."

I think someone did finally mark it for banishment, as I couldn't find it on Facebook. The whole incident just added another reason for my personal dislike of Brazilian waxing. I can't imagine how distressing it would be to look down and find that my pubes made my partner look like the perpetrator of the largest genocide of the 20th century. Better to see Bluebeard or a Hasidic man.