>As I trudged up the gently sloping incline with my 8 ton backpack, I remembered why the Capitol is called the Hill. It's been a long time since I did policy advocacy in DC.

Upon my arrival for a meeting with a Congressperson's staff member, I was informed that a fire drill was scheduled in a few minutes. I took out my little backpack, and left my ginormous backpack in their office so I wouldn't need to schlep it through security again. Then I evacuated with the staff, and had an amazing hour long meeting in the parking lot on C Street.

As we mobilized to re-enter the building, I shifted my bacpack. A white disc caught my eye. Shit! I violated rule #1 of advocacy with elected officials: do not wear offensive political buttons to meetings, even with friendly ones. Attached to my backpack, my button read, "Mommy says Republican is another word for motherfucker."

Ooops. Anyway, I promised Midwestern Tom that I would post pictures from any travels. While this is a quick trip for work, I did snap a shot of a buff cop sitting on his motorcycle on the steps of the Capitol (a pig on a hog on a pork barrel! Ha!):