>Fed reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's security guard's mustache is fucking awesome. It's a modified handle bar 'stache, sort of like an upside down V that ends between his nostril's. He stood to the right side of the room as Bernanke addressed us during lunch at the conference I am attending in DC, chomping gum with impressive vigor as he scanned the room of government employees, nonprofit do-gooders, and academics for potential trouble makers.

I was so distracted by the up and down motion of the mustache that I missed parts of Bernanke's remarks. I tried to take a photo (both of the mustache and Bernanke), but my camera only caught blurs. The mustache, probably because of the guy's rapid jaw motion, did not come out at all. I'll post my lame Bernanke photo when I can download it.

Now I'm off to another Hill visit (I'm hopeful it will be as good as my parking lot chat yesterday), and then a stop at the Postal Museum. Awesomeness!