>How is it that there are still two more days left in this blasted month of March? This has been the longest month ever. Days seem to go by, and then a week is over, and then another week, and yet it is still fucking March!!!

Assuming that April will be a fresh start, I am so looking forward to Wednesday. Husband is returning from his business trip to Europe, and even more exciting, my mom is coming to visit! I took two days off work, and she will be here until Sunday. I have not seen my mom since mid-December, so I gleefully anticipate her arrival. I'm sure that, just as long as I waited for her to arrive, her trip will somehow be over in no time. At least after that, I have something else to look forward to. In mid-April, I am heading to DC for a conference, and hanging out with some friends over the weekend. It will be nice to see my ladies.

Time is a vicious tease. (Ooh, a metaphor!)