>Craft shops are my shopping weakness. It's impossible for me to walk out of an art/craft supply store without at least one thing for which I have almost no use. My apartment is littered with cute rubber stamps, cross-stitch supplies (canvas, thread, needles, patterns), cray-pas, and tubes of acrylic paint. I want to make things from these supplies, but need another two hours a day if I am to do so.

My ultimate craft supply impulse purchase, though, is googly eyes. However, unlike the other materials that create clutter in my cramped quarters, googly eyes are at least useful. One never knows when a sudden need for googly eyes will arise!

A few years ago, I won an enormous dildo in a raffle at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser. When I arrived home, I placed it on the bookcase next to our computer. The next day I was out and about, but Husband used the computer all day. Upon my return, I noticed something odd about my new sake penis. Husband explained that it was making him uncomfortable to be stared at with only one eye, so he reached into my googly eye drawer, extracted two googly eyes, and taped them on the dildo.* It was hilarious. Once again, googly eyes save the day!

*I posted photos of this, but I am craftily blogging from work, so I don't think I can look up the post to link to it.