>My future is grim. Case in point: this morning I arrived at a doctor's appointment with a coat, scarf, hat, mittens, backpack, and bottle of water. Before leaving the exam room, I put on my coat and scarf, then attempted to grab my hat and mittens, but they were nowhere to be found.

"Shit, I hope they are in the waiting room," I muttered to myself. Then I headed over to check out. After paying, I ducked back into the lobby and sure enough, my hat and mittens were on the chair I used. Fine. I put them on and left for work.

As I walked to the subway, I noticed that my throat was dry. "Damn, I wish I had a drink," I thought. And that's when I realized that I left my water bottle in the bathroom at the doctor's office. Sigh.

I am only 33 and senile already. It's amazing that I remember the password to my blogging account. (I guess my brain knows what's really important.) I'm so fucked.