>This is what I hate about people with God complexes (and yes, I was cracking up as I wrote that, which led to a bit of a coughing jag - divine punishment, perhaps?) - they tell us commoners that we need to do what they say because they are infallible, but then when they are wrong, we are supposed to look the other way because they are only human. Hey buddies - you can't have it both ways.

Personally, I think that this is why doctors are sued for malpractice so often. Many fine upstanding members of the medical community exist and are perfectly delightful people whose company I enjoy, but their colleagues tend to be fucking assholes. They act as though they know everything, are enraged when you question something they told you, and then when they fuck up, they don't understand why people get upset. "I'm only human." Fine. Then get off your pedestal and don't pretend you are all-knowing and all powerful in the first place and I'll accept your all too human mistakes. Otherwise, suck my dick.

The medical profession aside, what provoked my rant today is an article I saw in The New York Times about Pope Benedict XVI and the scandal with accepting a bishop who denies the Holocaust back into the Vatican bosom. Infallible means you are never wrong. Ever. But according to the article, "The Vatican says that Benedict had been unaware of a cleric's offensive comments." Really? Well, shit, if the Pope can't figure out who is an anti-Semetic crazy despite numerous public statements from said crazy, I sure as fuck don't believe he's receiving the proper messages about birth control and other issues that the Pope supposedly has more authority on than mere mortals like me. If you are going to claim infallibility, you better never, ever get caught claiming that you don't know what you are doing. I wish I could sue him for faith malpractice.

Sorry, you can't have it both ways.