>This is the disturbing yet hilarious card that Husband gave me for Valentine's Day (click on it to make it bigger, which I do not mean as a come on):

Inside it says, "There will be magic."

The card both impresses me and makes me want to take a shower to wash away the ookiness. Sort of like yesterday. It was just a shitty, crappy day, so I couldn't sleep, so I read something online which further upset me, so I couldn't sleep.

Then I remembered that laughter is the best medicine, which made me want to slap whoever said that, although it is so true. I chuckled over message Husband wrote in the card ("I briefly debated whether to purchase this card or purchase a top hat and recreate the scene with Tycho. For the sake of keeping magical rabbit turds out of our bed, I went for the card.") The near hysteria that gripped me reminded me how lucky I am to have Husband, and the horrid feeling of being trapped and unable to extract myself from multiple situations that I willingly entered dissipated and I went to bed, reassured. (Sorry for the sappy ending.)