>As I got ready for a shower this afternoon, I realized that the bathroom was a disaster area. As Dr. P is staying with us this weekend and was to arrive within a few hours, I figured I should clean up. Unfortunately, I was already undressed.

Undeterred, I vacuumed the chunks of wall and tile from the floor, then mopped, all in the nude. Then I realized that we'd been tracking wall chunks into the hallway outside the bathroom as well, so I vacuumed there, too. As I bent over, I reflected on the premium prices that some people pay to secure the services of a nude housecleaner, and I laughed and laughed. Because really, the whole cleaning thing is sweaty and gross. I can't imagine why anyone would find this appealing to watch. In fact, the whole time I was parading around naked with the vacuum, Husband didn't even look away from the TV while he did his crunches.

Yeah. People are weird.

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