>Man, have I been whiny lately. I am happy to report that my first class of this semester was good. Fingers crossed, I think I will learn a lot from this workshop. The instructor laid down some clear ground rules, which pleased my fuddy duddy side. I suspect she will not indulge anyone who compares my writing to Oscar Meyer. Plus, she gave a quick lecture about what she looks for in nonfiction writing that actually provided some good insight and guidance.

The other exciting aspect of the class is that no one seems like a pretentious fuck. I walked out of my first class last semester and blew up over some of the outrageous, obnoxious things that my fellow writers said to introduce themselves. No one made me want to stab them in the face tonight. Hurray! Plus, one of the guys sells mattresses. (Or at least I think that was what he said he did for a living when I met him at a student event back in September.) Joe Biden also sells mattresses (or at least he looks like he should), so I am excited that vice presidential material is hanging around me.