>Over the course of the semester, my friend Alex thought about starting a blog. I told him all about - probably in far more detail than he ever wanted to know - how much I loved blogging, and how I made all these awesome friends through blogging, and how it helped my writing, and blah blah blah. Somehow, my babbling did not discourage him, and he recently entered the esteemed world of blogging.

In my efforts to be a supportive member of the blogging community, I encourage folks to check out Chaos Collage, the fruits of Alex's blogging exploits. He writes a lot about music, particularly music that the youth enjoy these days, so I am pretty darn clueless in that area. Even when I was a youth, I was an extremely dorky one who either listened to pop shit on the radio (Vanilla Ice, anyone?) or played my mom's and aunt's 45s from the 1950s and '60s. Man, I love them oldies. OK, I liked Madonna a lot, too. Alex is a funny writer, so even if you are a cultural loser like me, there are some great bons mots to enjoy.