>I never thought about haircuts as anything but the things I get every two months that make me look extra dyke-y (or, when done well, like Jane Wiedlin). On Monday, I wrote about the latest brouhaha over women who get short haircuts on BlogHer. (It seems that some guy in London whose wife cut her hair short sparked a debate over whether that women with short hair are signaling that they are no longer interested in sex because they are making themselves unattractive through their new haircuts.) Then yesterday I learned that there is something called a haircut in the securities market.

My new favorite online dictionary,* Investopedia, explains that a haircut is:

1. The difference between prices at which a market maker can buy and sell a security.

2. The percentage by which an asset's market value is reduced for the purpose of calculating capital requirement, margin and collateral levels.

One could extrapolate and say that a man whose wife cuts her hair short has a reduced market value in the eyes of society, but that would be silly, wouldn't it?

*I still do love Urban Dictionary for all my slang research, though. It seems that a third definition of haircut there is:

a drinking act involving:
- two people
- alchohol
- energy drink or gatorade

one person tilts their head back and closes their throat. the other person then pours small amount of energy drink, large amount of alchohol, and small amount of energy drink in that order. the drinker then tilts their head up and swallows the drink simultaneously. this is done for two reasons: you dont feel it going down no matter the alchohol percent and it gets you very drunk very fast.

Now I feel complete before I go to off to work, which this post is making me late to. Hope it added to the educational value of your day as well.