>So the super never showed up last night, nor did he call us to let us know that something else came up. This morning he told Husband he'd be by at 8:15. When I called him at 9:00 to see what was going on, he seemed irritated that I interrupted him. However, he did show up at my door within two minutes.

He is truly, honestly wounded that Husband and I don't find the repair job acceptable. He said he's just trying to save the building some money, and a professional tiler would not do a better job. Since I beg to differ, I'll provide some evidence.

This is the original "repair" job that the super was surprised that we found unacceptable:

My favorite part is the "new" tile with a big fucking crack in it. Granted, after we complained, he did fix it. That cracked tile is still there, albeit smeared over with grout:

Oh look! The big chip is still missing from the side. The crack is still ther, just hidden from our cheap camera under all the grout. Speaking of grout, many of the tiles are smeared up with the rough substance. Such pickiness!

He also argued with me about whether water went into the little hole in tile that I pointed out in yesterday's blog post. First, he said that water from the shower couldn't possibly reach that area, which is stupid. Then, when I pointed out the mildew stain from the leaky faucet directly above the hole, he denied there was a leak. We turned the shower on, and I watched a trickle of water flow down into the hole. "See?" my super said. "No leak." When I insisted that there was water seeping into the hole in front of my eyes, he touched the wall. "Oh yeah," he marveled. "It is leaking." I gnashed my teeth. He then put grout directly into the wet hole, sealing in the moisture behind the tiles.

If I paid someone who left me with my current tile situation, I would sue them. And that's the difference between the earnest effort my super made, and the result I expect. I'm sorry to hurt his feelings, and I do think he genuinely believes he is trying to help us, but this leaky faucet is getting plugged by someone else. Harumph.