>For Hanukkah last night, Husband gave me this cute sweater dress:

I am surprised and delighted that it fits, and I plan to bring it with me on my trip to California.

More exciting, however, is the mop that I purchased for myself:

It would be even better if my apartment looked as sparkling clean as the home pictured on HSN, but whatever. As I put the mop together, my cousin laughed and told me that it looked phallic as I clenched it between my legs while struggled to slide slot A into slot A. We also had a good chuckle over the "instructions" that came with it:

for fun, try attaching the cloths or mop pad using only your mind. It helps if you squint.

I am disturbingly overjoyed at the prospect of using it tomorrow. Finally, the bottle of floor cleaner that Sara gave me a month ago when I did laundry at her apartment will be put to use!

Happy holidays indeed!