>In class this summer, I learned that Shakespeare invented 3,000 words in English and used them in his plays and poems. How awesome is that? I hope that I can introduce some new vocabulary into the American vernacular through blogging. My first suggestions are:

Pootbood: (noun) This was appeared as the word verification for a comment I wanted to leave on Formula Fed & Flexible Parenting. I think it works very nicely as a new curse word, especially when someone is lying to your face. "You pootbood!" has a nice ring to it, and says to me, "You fucking liar! How dare you!"

Rantom: (noun) My brother-in-law invented this word at breakfast yesterday morning. It is for a rambling rant on that ranges across several random topics. I really love it. I frequently have rantoms.

Along with douche nozzle, I am working to incorporate rantom and pootbood into my vocabulary, so I shall be ready with a smart word for every possible situation. New words take time, though.