>Dear Bastards at Ann Taylor:

First, Husband told me that you are systemically screwing your best salespeople (i.e. - highest commission earners) by refusing to give them hours. When I heard that, I swore I would not shop at your store, even if your petites tend to fit me better than any other brand. In solidarity with the women working at the store, I pledged to look like a slob in ill-fitting clothes.

I forgot about my pledge when I went to your website today. My eyes lit up like eight candles on a menorah at the words "take an additional 30% off." I saw a very cute dress on sale that I thought I might look nice in. Then I discovered that not only are you fucking your salepeople, but you are cheating short people. Because the dress is inexplicably not on sale in petite. If I could reach up to your face, Ann Taylor, I would spit in it.

In conclusion, thank you for ripping off those of us who are torso-challenged. It stopped me from shopping at your store and supporting your evil labor practices. Please bend down extra low and kiss my ass.