>OK, so the Yuppies invaded my neighborhood about ten years ago, but the recent boom in luxury condo construction caused the luxurification of a gentrified community. The latest project, which began over a year ago when developers tore down my gym, a pool hall, a chicken joint, and a parking garage, then dug a pit several stories deep, then threw up a structure over the last few months, is coming to a close. To remove the special large construction crane from the site, an extra large crane was trucked in on Friday night. Two lanes of traffic were closed on Amsterdam Avenue to accommodate the crane and its grounding and a small section of W. 76th Street was also closed to traffic.

This is what it looked like as the special extra large crane was taken apart tonight:

I think the whole contraption is about one block long.

All of this reminded me of the drinking song of the Lower East Side artist/performance artist community, which was sung with gusto on Thursday night at the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant. I'm not sure who wrote it or what the title is, but it is hilarious.The chorus is:

So lift up your kilts and show 'em your balls,
Drink all their liquor and piss on their walls,
Make love to their women and shit on their beds,
The Yuppies are here, and we're better off dead!

Ah, good times. I'd say that I'll be glad when the construction is over, but then I'll have to deal with all the rich asshole idiots who move in. Bah.