A friend posted this picture on Facebook. I think it is from the spring of 1994, but it could be fall (or even the early summer) of '93 . The two guys with me are John (red hair) and Jim (dark hair). We went to a photo booth. If the picture is from Spring 1994, I had a crush on Jim at the time. As usual, it was unrequited.

I have my hard copy of this picture in one of my photo albums. It's always been one of my favorites. I just love how it conveys the fun I had sometimes, back in the day. Plus, I look adorable (I usually hate how I photograph), and I can't get over how much damn hair I had.

Looking at this picture reminds me that while it was a pain in the ass to deal with all that hair, it was kind of fun to have, too. I'm seriously considering growing my hair out again. I just got another cut, and it is way too short. It's easy to care for, but honestly, I'm sick of falsely projecting that I am a dyke, and I never had that problem before I cut all my hair off.

Anyway, I just love this picture.