>Normally I hate Sundays. I have hated Sundays for about as long as I can remember because I knew that once Sunday was over, it would be Monday, which meant another week of school, which I found a dreary and dreadful prospect. Even when I liked school (i.e. - college and beyond), Sundays continued to carry a taint. When I was out of school, it meant a week of work, which was almost as bad as school.

This Sunday, however, I am cheery. First, I love daylight savings time. I woke up at what would have been 11 am, but it was only 10! How awesome is that?!?! A full night of rest and yet the day lay ahead of me, full of possibilities. As Teddy Roosevelt liked to say, delightful.

Plus, this is the first Sunday in November, a month full of exciting and fun events. Tuesday is the election, for which I have great hope. I'm not counting on anything, my fingers are crossed, I'm knocking on wood and saying "ken ahora" (Yiddish for "no evil eye" or "not to jinx it"), but I am still excited at the prospect of positive change. And, boy, do we need it since the Bushies are pushing through horrific last minute regulatory changes that really screw women (don't forget, IUDs are now "abortions," etc), the environment, and the economy. On Nov. 13, it's the Mr. Lower East Side Pageant, which I loved in 2005. That night, Mara and her family are also coming into town. The next day, Husband and I are having "an authentic eighteenth-century dinner prepared on an open hearth, served on period tableware" at the Queens County Farm Museum, which is a site in my book. Later in the month, we'll go see the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, which are inflated the day before Thanksgiving near our apartment, and have pizza and hot chocolate. Finally, there is Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays.

All in all, I'm just ecstatic about November. There's so much to look forward to!