>Somehow, my brother-in-law convinced Husband and me to sign up to run a 15K race with him in December. I'm not quite as concerned about my ability to run over 9 miles (not that I have done so before) as I am about running 9 miles in freezing December. As Husband pointed out, though, if it's cold we don't have to go.

Prior to this past Saturday, the last time I ran over a mile was when I went to visit Dr. P in Florida in early October. It was hot and humid and we walked a few times, so I was a bit concerned about my diminishing capacity for running. On Saturday, I hit Central Park and ran the outer loop. Husband told me that the distance of that run is 10K (6.4 miles), so I was pleased (and rather surprised) when I clocked in at 66 minutes. I walked up one giant hill, and stopped a for a minute to fill my water bottle at a drinking fountain. A few days later, Husband realized that the track is actually only a tad bit over 6 miles. Ooops. Still, I remain pleased with myself, given the crappy shape I let myself fall into.

Saturday's run also reminded me how much I enjoyed running off my tension and anger. A few years ago, I regularly ran and always felt much better after doing so. Since I was crabby about last night's class, I figured that a long run at the gym would be good. And, assuming that I can move my legs later tonight and/or tomorrow, it was! Even when that twat Sarah Palin showed up on TV and said that she has faith in Obama as commander in chief as long as he understand that terrorists are out there to get us, I remained cheerful as my short legs pumped up and down on the treadmill.

Running. If it doesn't give you shin splints, screw up your knees, or otherwise cause your body to fall apart, it's great! Better than data analysis!