>While I used the bathroom at Whole Foods this afternoon, a love ballad played over the PA system. I think the last time I payed attention to a hip hop ballad was when Boys II Men were not Jewish (or at least not publicly) and singing "End of the Road." Yeah, those were the days.

Anyway, while peeing at Whole Foods, I swear that the chorus of the song piped into the bathroom was, "Let me love you down," although I may have misunderstood the words. (I'm really bad with lyrics, although maybe not as bad as my friend Sara, who thought the song "Ohio" by Neil Young was a love song. Not that I should talk, as I didn't know what the song was called, who sang it, or what it was about, either. I didn't think it was a love song, though. But I digress...) In one verse of what I know refer to as My Whole Foods Bathroom Song, the singer crooned something about not being too young for the lady in question, so I'm guessing that "let me love you down" means that by taking on a younger male lover, the woman in question will be loved down, if that makes sense. If anyone knows this song, I'm curious to know what it is about.

What struck me as funniest about the whole thing was that the song seemed very out of place at Whole Foods. And that it played in the bathroom only, as the rest of the store didn't have music.