>It's 24 degrees outside, and an ominous sign that my hands are freezing although I have yet to leave my apartment. I'm heading down to Philly today to see my beloved Steph. We are taking in a Maurice Sendak exhibit, which sounds really cool. (A few weeks ago, Husband, my cousin, and I saw a Babar exhibit in NYC, so this children's book writer-illustrator exhibits are in vogue right now.) Husband was supposed to join me (and drive), but he hurt his back. Thus I am taking the bus.

Bolt Bus is only $10 to get there, and it has wifi, a feature that I will sadly not take advantage of since I don't want to lug my laptop around the museum, and it is way too cold to leave it in Steph's car. The downside to the $10 bus is that I have to wait for it outside. Did I mention that it is 24 degrees and my hands are already freezing although I have yet to leave my apartment?